F23L MixedFlow hybrid turbocharger
F23L MixedFlow hybrid turbocharger

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Basic Price: $1,499.00

So, you got these bad boys in stock?: Usually Ships in 24 to 72 Hours

FSI or TFSI engine*:
I'm rockin a B7-series FSI, bro! Let's make it work!
A B8-series TFSI yo! That's where it's at!
Care to bundle a tuning package, yo?

Eurodyne Maestro Tuning:

Installation hardware -- soup to nuts!

hardware & gaskets kit:

And what about these extras? Live a little!

Ceramic-Coated Turbine/Manifold:

BoostValve Manual Boost Controller:

Stock fitment  hybrid turbocharger for K03-based FSI & TFSI longitudinal engines