F23 MixedFlow hybrid turbocharger
F23 MixedFlow hybrid turbocharger

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hardware & gaskets kit:

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How about a free inlet pipe?*:
Mk4 fitment-- Rockin' a Mk4? This is for you.
Audi TT225 & S3 "Phatty" fitment-- Did your car come with a K04? Select this bad boy!

Up-Pipe adapter for MkIV cars:

Ceramic-coated 3mil wall thickness mild steel tubing
Wanna bundle this with tuning and injectors?

Eurodyne Maestro 550cc bundle:

2-Pass Ceramic Coating:

Motoza Performance 550cc bundle:

Fuel injectors:

3" MAF housing:

Adapter gasket for OEM 2.75" MAF:

Diverter Valve:

BoostValve Manual Boost Controller:

Hybrid turbocharger with K04-02x fitment

Turbo hot-side with ported turbine inlet