F21BT hybrid MIxedFlow turbochargers for Audi 2.7T
F21BT hybrid MIxedFlow turbochargers for Audi 2.7T

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Audi S4 or Audi A6/Allroad with 6spd -- (F21BT)
Audi S4 or Pre-2003 Audi A6/Allroad with Tiptronic -- (F21BT)
2003-up Audi A6/Allroad with Tiptronic -- (F21BT/T)
Installation hardware -- soup to nuts!

hardware & gaskets kit:

And don't pass up on these!

FrankenLets & Y-Pipe couplers:

Oversized for extra-terrific sucking action

2-Pass Ceramic Coating:

Fuel injectors:

BoostValve Manual Boost Controller:

F21BT hybrid "Bi-Turbos" for Audi 2.7T OEM K04 fitment (new inlets will be required)
7075-series forged aluminum billet compressor wheels
Inconel MixedFlow 10-blade turbine rotors